Why integrate

By integrating Collabora Online into your services, you provide your users with excellent solution for document editing and collaboration capabilities, while being gentle on your hardware resources and budget.

High availability

Providing redundancy against fault

Easy to set up

A clean and attractive architecture, easy scalable

Server of your choice no local package or software needed perfect to combine with local office applications

Saves money

No need for extra high availability databases, message bus, extra shared storage

Transparent pricing

Unlike other products, no hidden extra support costs

Best document supports

Supports more document formats than any other product, including many legacy formats

Document freedom

Keep the documents file formats, all supported by the global community of interoperability experts

Full open source

Full open source code; no additional features behind pay walls

Best document security

Guarantee, combined with a ‘secure view, that users/customers documents never leave the server

Best user experience

Most features and WYSIWYG as on desktop

Partner advantages

Attractive and flexible partner program

Direct support

Support via partner portal, ticketing system and direct help

Development roadmap

Partners have an active voice in the development roadmap