Docker images

As an alternative to native packages, Collabora Productivity provide pre-built Collabora Online Docker images, as well as scripts and Dockerfile’s to create a Collabora Online Docker images.

You either need native packages, or a Docker image, not both.

Pre-made Docker images

The CODE Docker image can be installed to any x86-64, ppc64le or arm64 host, and it is fully configurable. For more information about setup and configuration for deployment, please read the CODE Docker page. If you want to try it out quickly, you can set up CODE docker image with file sharing integration in less than 5 minutes in a very basic way, following these instructions: quick tryout with ownCloud or quick tryout with Nextcloud.

For customers Collabora provide pre-built Collabora Online images for the x86-64 platform. - is the publicly available license key enabled version. License keys can be purchased via partners or from Collabora directly. - is the full version of Collabora online for customers. If you are a customer, and need this image, please contact support.

Docker images are tagged with the version number, however, usually it is the best to use the :latest.

Build Docker image

Docker images can be created on demand from the latest version of Collabora Online and the underlying system components. Please find everything in Collabora Online source code repository on GitHub. Docker images can be built from packages or from source code. The provided Dockerfile is a working sample. Feel free to add more packages to it, for example more fonts, if you need them.

Create a container from the image and run it

For more information please refer to the CODE Docker page, configuration options are the same for all containers.