Starting with version CODE 22.05, it’s possible to enable support for external grammar checking using LanguageTool. New settings are available both on online and on the core side.

Collabora Online

You can find the respective option within your coolwsd.xml where you can set the API settings you need within the languagetool block. To turn it on, please set “enabled” property to true. The base URL may be if the cloud version is used. However, your data in the document e.g. the text part of it will be sent to the cloud API. Please read the privacy policy:

Languagetool block of coolwsd.xml
 <languagetool desc="LanguageTool Remote API settings for grammar checking">
     <enabled desc="Enable LanguageTool Remote Grammar Checker" type="bool" default="false">true</enabled>
     <base_url desc="Http endpoint for the LanguageTool API server, without /check or /languages postfix at the end." type="string" default=""></base_url>
     <user_name desc="LangueTool account username for premium usage." type="string" default=""></user_name>
     <api_key desc="Api key provided by LanguageTool account for premium usage." type="string" default=""></api_key>

Please note, LanguageTool plugin uses `libcurl and thus the base_url has to have http:// or https:// as the prefix. Currently, the expected URL scheme should include the API version (as stated in LanguageTool API). E.g.:

Free and paid versions (including on-premise premium version) are available from LanguageTool.

LibreOffice Core

A new LanguageTool Server Settings group is available in Options -> Language Settings dialog. Base URL, username and API key can be set here.


Lastly a new Writing Aid by the name of LanguageTool Remote Grammar Checker should be switched on.