Updating systemplate

Each document is isolated in its own chroot jail running its own instance of a LibreOfficeKit process, and runs as a non-privileged “cool” user. These chroot jails contain only the bare minimum of files (libraries, fonts, etc.) needed for running Collabora Office (LibreOfficeKit). The template of the jails is called systemplate, it is located at /opt/cool/systemplate, and it is generated after installation of the coolwsd package. The systemplate is also re-generated after installing updates of packages that are in use in systemplate (on RPM based systems) or after a successful apt update (on DEB based systems).

However, it is possible that the user wants to build systemplate manually, for example when new fonts are installed, or a security update of system libraries is deployed by other means. Perform the following command as root user.

In Collabora Online 21.11 and newer:

coolconfig update-system-template

In Collabora Online 6.4 and older:

loolconfig update-system-template