Translator (DeepL)

DeepL Translator is a neural machine translation service that provides an API with programmatic access to DeepL’s machine translation technology, making it possible to bring translation capabilities directly to websites and applications. Visit the DeepL API documentation for further information.

Collabora Online

DeepL is supported by Collabora Online since version

Add your DeepL API URL within api_url and your DeepL API key within auth_key tags in your configuration (coolwsd.xml) to use DeepL’s translation capabilities in Collabora Online. For example the selected paragraph can be translated from any supported source language to any supported target language with the Translate button on the Review bar.

deepl demo

You can find the respective option within your coolwsd.xml where you can set the DeepL API settings you need within the deepl block.

To turn it on, set enabled property to true. The API URL may be for example, with the free plan. Note that the text content of the document will be sent to the cloud API. Please read DeepL’s privacy policy: .

deepl block of coolwsd.xml
 <deepl desc="DeepL API settings for translation service">
     <enabled desc="If true, shows translate option as a menu entry in the compact view and as an icon in the tabbed view." type="bool" default="false">true</enabled>
     <api_url desc="URL for the API" type="string" default=""></api_url>
     <auth_key desc="Auth Key generated by your account" type="string" default=""></auth_key>