Collabora Online SDK

Collabora Online SDK describes the main methods that allow you to interact with different Collabora Online components.
Chose one of the following sections to learn more about the available SDK methods.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want a high availability setup, not only to provide extra scalability, but also to provide redundancy against faults. Collabora Online has a clean and attractive architecture – which scales with your routing network:
  • Each document is served by a single node...
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Collabora Online uses an adapted versions of the WOPI standard protocol, and we can use data stores which can provide their own policies. When your document data comes down into Collabora Online we isolate and protect your document in your on-premise server inside a series of concentric security onion shells: Read more
We offer our free version CODE (Collabora Online Development Edition). CODE is a continuously updated, rolling release where we try out our latest feature work, and has no SLA or long term support. As such, we don't recommend CODE for business or production environments, but you can use it.... Read more
Our design requires an uninterrupted network connection to get access to your document data. This has many security advantages over more complex DRM based models - potentially allowing an admin to audit and control all access to the document perpetually. It... Read more
We offer an on-premise solution, we don't host the product. Collabora Online is a software component which can be integrated into your web application and enables viewing and editing of, and cooperation on office documents... Read more